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Shower stalls: Here's how to improve your beloved relaxation space!

by Josie Zhou

You are what your heart desires! Well, this thought very well defines the choices we make for a happy life and environment. Whether you are a dedicated workaholic or a sincere housewife, if you love comfort and luxury, a perfect and elite shower room is all you desire.

A bathroom fitted with a modern shower stall with the latest technology and aesthetics is primarily a mood lifter, refreshing you for a fresh start in the morning or offering you a relaxing spa in the evening in your own comfort. But are you worried about limited bathroom space or is water leakage your biggest concern when it comes to creating or transforming your shower area?

At EMKE, we offer you a large selection of shower cubicles for your bathroom that fit perfectly into your sauna. Also, these shower stalls are super trendy and offer a one-stop solution to fix your bathroom shower problems.

But before choosing the right fit for your shower area, it's important to consider factors like the space available, be it cramped or luxurious; the purpose of the purchase if used for a small guest room or for a master bath; Utilization ie understanding the age group, adapting the space such as elders or children, how is it kept private or used by multiple family members and more.

Let's explore what's in the EMKE Store!

EMKE has put together a large selection of uniquely designed and versatile bathroom shower enclosures with trendy installation situations, space-saving door systems, modern design frames and soothing glass colours. Our walk in shower and bath screen enclosures are the most revered spaces that people love to flaunt as their snuggly corner. In addition, we ensure that these facilities are easy to maintain and that the bathroom facilities do not exceed your budget. So let's discover your personal favourite!

  • Based on installation situations

clean, perfectly fitted shower cabin that meets your needs and gives you a fresh feeling is our goal when designing shower cabins with different installation situations. From the rectangular, square or round shower cubicle to niche, walk-in shower or bathtub attachments, your desire for an unusual personal cleaning area can be perfectly fulfilled. Special care has been taken to use a high safety standard tempered glass with NANO coating, making your private space even more secure and leak-proof. Plus, you can simply wipe these booths down with a disinfectant spray for quick cleaning. These systems are easy to set up and easy to maintain. What more could you ask for!

  • Based on door systems

With the advent of technology and changing demographics, people have different interests when it comes to living as a nuclear family versus as an extended family. One can have a spacious personal bathroom or perhaps a spacious shower area, but a clean, hygienic and modern bathroom design is a common expectation. At EMKE, we create bathroom products that meet your everyday needs and offer you an upscale experience in your own four walls. With us you will find shower cubicles with sliding, folding or pivoting doors, doors with side walls or even with a closed corner entry system. These variants are designed to match your bathroom and give you a sophisticated feel. These door systems are equipped with a floor covering that prevents water leakage during use and are easy to operate.

  • Based on design framework

Shower partition frames serve as a defining element of your modern bathroom and, if selected correctly, enhance the overall appearance. At EMKE, we present you with a classic and polished cabin frame that can be frameless or manufactured in aluminium, matt black or white. These frames provide support and firmness to your divine oasis, adding an element of awe that is alluring and rewarding at the same time.

  • Based on the lens color

With EMKE shower partitions you can choose between the glass colors clear glass, partially stained glass, smoked glass or a mirror glass look. These shades are defined to enhance your entire bathroom ambience and rejuvenate you even before you shower. Depending on your preference, the glasses appear transparent or opaque and fit perfectly into your modern and stylish washroom.


Create the ultimate experience with our stylish shower enclosures

As lifestyles change, people want a luxurious bathroom that features the latest in bathroom decor - all at an affordable price. Shower enclosures play an important role in redefining the quality and value of your personal sauna. Whether it’s sliding door screens or recessed alcoves, a clean and sophisticated shower area will lift the mood and increase the overall bathroom space. Let's explore the benefits of these powerful modern bathroom installations,

1) Improves aesthetics

bathroom outfitted with the latest amenities and accessories is all you want when you want to have an ecstatic showering experience. The trendy bathroom installations with a walk-in shower or a side entry should make optimal use of the space in the bathroom and pave the way for a complex cleaning area. The shower cubicles from EMKE are niche-friendly and leave nothing to be desired. The seamless clear glass doors, available on both framed and frameless units, enhance the entire area in a different way. Our shower cabins perfectly match all your bathroom furnishing and functionality needs, offering a wide range of cabins to suit your needs.

2) Space saving

These shower stalls are designed to fit in both a small apartment bathroom and a luxurious master bathroom. At EMKE, these designs are modular and meet all your hygiene requirements, also taking space into account. These cabins are not only equipped with regular, rectangular or round shower trays, but can also be optimized depending on the space available in your bathroom.

3) Ensures security

At EMKE, we know that wet floors and a damp bathroom are the worst things you can experience when you want to take a quick shower and refresh or relax after a hard day's work. Studies have shown that every year in the United States, about 460 people slip on wet bathroom floors and are seriously injured. With these numbers in mind, we offer you an exclusive range of bathroom fixtures that are safe and prevent any type of spill. These bathroom stalls are equipped with rubber pads on the floor to prevent water flow during and after showering. This keeps the floor in the bathroom clean and the surrounding area moisture-free. This, in turn, increases the safety standards of your modern bathroom and offers you a safe experience.

4) More hygienic

With splash-proof floors and high-tight glass cabins specially designed for your cleaning area, your bathroom always looks clean and hygienic. Usually a lot of moss builds up in the shower area of a normal bathroom and microbes can thrive in your bathroom area resulting in a thick green layer creating an unhealthy and dirty space. At EMKE, the shower enclosures are made of high-density glass, which is non-porous and resists the growth of moss, leaving no room for such impurities. This promises you a refreshing and hygienic time in your luxury bathroom.

5) Easy to maintain

Easy to set up, these shower stalls have such a leak-proof, minimalist design that maintenance is as easy as you ever dreamed. These high-quality glass cabins are easy to maintain and can be cleaned in no time at all. You can easily clean these glass partitions with a spray sanitizer and a clean wipe. And voila! You can use them for a lifetime and beyond.

6) Inexpensive

At EMKE we know that everyone has dreams and desires and that a clean bathroom is a basic requirement for everyone. That's why we designed these shower enclosures with your expectations in mind and our desire to make these stylish enclosures a part of your beautiful home. These bathroom accessories are a must-have for any budget-friendly bathroom decor and are designed to lift your spirits instantly.

7) Waterproof bases

Shower stalls aren't just there to screen off your bathing area, they offer several benefits that make these luxury stalls all the more important in a bathroom decor. These cabins have a waterproof floor with a panel that ensures nothing spills and the bathroom stays clean even after you shower. These panels sit perfectly on the shower trays and ensure unidirectional water flow throughout the shower. Thus reducing the effort to maintain your bathroom.

8) High durability

These high quality, simple design glass partitions are a one-time investment for your home and will last a lifetime. The designs look chic but have a sturdy structure that gives them longevity and durability. A must have for your personal sauna, these modern shower stalls are all you need for an upgrade.

Buy shower stalls to revitalize your bathroom

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom or are moving to a new house, installing a shower stall is by far the best investment to give you a relaxed and imperial bathroom experience. A modern bathroom design with precise bathroom partitions adds an upscale touch to your bathroom, offers unmatched versatility, impressive security measures, creates a hygienic space and delivers a sophisticated experience that is pure bliss. At EMKE, we strive to make your showering experience a sophisticated one, so we devote ourselves to developing more such bathroom accessories to transform your luxury oasis. Enjoy the bliss and bathe in the comfort of our exquisite range of products.

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