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How to choose bathroom furniture?

by Josie Zhou

Choosing furniture for the bathroom is a little more complicated than for the rest of the house. This is due to the fact that this is a room where there is a lot of moisture in liquid or vapor form, and therefore requires special care in making these decisions. You must take into account the material of the items that will be placed there, as well as their coating.

In this article we will explain some points:

  • How to choose the right furniture for the bathroom?
  • What are the different types of bathroom furniture?
  • How to save when choosing furniture for the bathroom?
  • What are the most important furniture for your bathroom?

Making the right choices can be a lot of work, but don't worry, we've created this post to help you out. Below are some important tips to help you set up your dream bathroom. Read carefully until the end!

How to choose the right furniture for the bathroom?

Consider the surroundings of your bathroom:

Before you choose a piece of furniture, you should check what is possible in your bathroom. Large rooms give you more freedom in choosing the available space, but they can also look cluttered and untidy. On the other hand, if you have less space available, you need room for circulation. So it's a matter of finding a balance so that these items don't get in the way.

You also need to take into account that the sockets and water connections in the room are already in place. It is better to adjust the furniture so that the functionality of the bathroom is not affected, rather than tinkering with the installations, because it is so easy.

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Look for functional furniture:

The aesthetic factor is important, but the ideal is to combine the useful with the pleasant, paying attention to functionality when choosing furniture. The functions can vary, from a mirrored cabinet with good drawers and ample space to benches with supports. Assess your needs to make this choice.

Attention to wooden furniture:

As already mentioned, the bathroom is an environment with a lot of moisture. Therefore, avoid furniture made of wood, especially MDP or MDF. Prefer utensils made of porcelain, glass or metal, or those that provide some kind of protection. In this way, you will preserve the life of the equipment and ensure that you make a lasting investment.

Match the colors to each other:

Wenn es um Farbabstimmung geht, denken viele Menschen, dass dies gleichbedeutend mit Ähnlichkeit ist, was aber nicht unbedingt stimmt. Die Vorstellung, dass Harmonisierung bedeutet, ähnliche Töne zu verwenden, war in den 90er Jahren ein starker Trend, der inzwischen überwunden ist. Heute geht es darum, die Farben der Möbel mit dem Stil des Badezimmers in Einklang zu bringen.

An example of this is the use of bold colors in bathrooms that have more of a retro aesthetic, reminiscent of the American style of the 50s, which conveys warmth and relaxation. For those looking for grandeur and luxury, the contrast of black and white, accompanied by a modern design, is always a hit.


Be sure to choose the right material, which should be durable and resistant to moisture and water vapor. In general, wood and MDF furniture is most often used because it is versatile, beautiful and durable.


As for the aesthetics, you should think about the design and color of the furniture. The shade must harmonize with the rest of the environment and confirm the decorative style and choice of cladding.

In small bathrooms, you can use furniture in light and neutral tones, similar to the walls. However, if you want to create a little contrast, you should invest in colorful details.

Andere Accessoires:

In addition to furniture, finish your decoration with other items, such as bathroom accessories, rugs, bathroom mirror cabinet with tub and shelf and box. All must be in harmony to create a functional and pleasant environment.

Furniture for the bathroom, styles for all tastes:

Storage in the bathroom is of paramount importance. Cabinets are necessary to store towels, toiletries, cosmetics, etc., and there are as many different styles as for the rest of the house.

Wie wählt man Badmöbel?
What are the different types of bathroom furniture?

The most common piece of furniture, which can be found in almost all bathrooms, is located under the sink and is usually equipped with doors and drawers. If the dimensions of the bathroom allow, it is usually complemented by a freestanding piece of furniture, which is placed either on one side (or both sides) of the mirror.

Furniture with modern lines:

Furniture with modern lines remains the favorite when it comes to bathroom decor because it's functional, easy to clean, and hard to go out of style. The latest trends in modern styles include wood grains in light tones to avoid drawing too much light away from a room that often lacks natural light.

White and glossy finishes are also still in vogue, with touches of color, especially bright colors that are trending this season. Without forgetting the newer lines.

Classicism and elegance:

For several years, the bathroom loses its image as a cold and depersonalized place with a very limited type of furniture and gradually takes furniture traditionally filed between its four walls, such as the typical classic chests of drawers from the bedroom or hallway.

You can even see them in gold or silver tones, accompanied by large baroque mirrors. They are still very trendy and add elegance and classicism, even if I personally do not like them so much.

Vintage style and reused furniture:

Vintage style has dominated the decoration scene for several years, and the bathroom has not lagged behind in this fashion. More and more often, old furniture is integrated into the bathroom, recovered, inherited or purchased at fairs or markets, which you want to give a second chance. This is an attempt to give uniqueness to a room.

Companies in the sector have not missed the rise of this style and include in their catalogs furniture that reproduces pieces with retro and vintage aesthetics. This makes our bathroom individual, different and, above all, cozy.

Original furniture:

In this zeal to differentiate and be original, the companies play all the tricks to offer the most curious furniture, such as bathroom furniture that are suitcases that imitate the old luggage, which are also fashionable in decor.

There are bath mobelikea in all styles and for all tastes, from the most modern to the most classic, going through the latest retro and vintage trends. So there is no excuse not to have an original and personal bathroom, which, in short, increases the value of a decorative scheme.

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How to save when choosing bathroom furniture?

The bathroom is one of the last places where you think about buying furniture. Doubts also arise, especially if the bathroom is small. Therefore, it is important to choose the right furniture to have a beautiful and organized bathroom. But you do not have to spend a lot of money to buy furniture for the bathroom. Follow the tips below and buy the right model at the best price.

Get organized before buying bathroom furniture:

Before buying bathroom furniture, it is important to know some details that will make the difference when buying furniture.

It is important to think about the space, where each item will be located and what purpose you want to achieve. Check what you have and where each object will be located so that you have more comfort and organized space.
Remember that you need to be careful with an excess of bathroom items, as the furniture should facilitate your routine. And the more items you have, the more time you will need to clean. And depending on the number of items, it can feel like a mess in your home.

Don't just stick to the aesthetics of the furniture, but plan a functional and accessible environment that you and other residents will use.

Note the dimensions of the available space and pay attention to the bathroom installations such as pipes and sockets. This way, everything will work perfectly and you won't have any problems when assembling the furniture.

Also, check the dimensions of the furniture when the door is open and the space it occupies when you move it, so you won't have any problems when using it.

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