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How to choose faucets/faucet?

by Josie Zhou

In any home, kitchen or bathroom renovation, the faucets are the crown jewels. Before you decide on bathroom faucets, there are a few points to consider. In the following guide we will learn everything about fittings/faucets. In this article we will talk about the following points:

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Faucet/Faucet?

What Are the Different Types of Faucets?

Where is which type of faucet used?

What are the tips for using and caring for a faucet at home?

How to choose a faucet for your kitchen?

What to consider when choosing the best fittings/faucet?

Save water: The faucet you choose should help you use water efficiently. There are different types of keys that can save you up to 80% water.

Available space: To decide which faucet is the right one, one must consider the dimensions of the surface of the sink or dishwasher. The wall variant requires less space in depth than the surface variant.

Number of holes: If you already have the appliance in which you want to install the faucet (sink, dishwasher or washing machine), you need to consider how many holes there are for connecting the faucets. If you have 2 holes the options are a combination key or individual; if it has 1 hole the options are single lever or monobloc key.

Functional: The faucet must be suitable for your kitchen or bathroom, it must be suitable for tasks such as washing and cleaning, and it must be comfortable to use. That means it must not be too big for the respective container and the water flow must splash properly.

EMKE Wasserhahn Küche

What Are the Different Types of Faucets?

Monobloc faucet:

It is two faucets mounted on a single body with a single water inlet. In it, cold and warm water mix, which exits through a common pipe. You only need one hole for installation.

Single lever mixer:

The body of the faucet allows the delivery of hot and cold water, activated by a rotary mechanism or by a support to open and close the faucet.

Its advantage is that the water temperature only has to be adjusted by moving the handle. The flow stops when the handle is raised or lowered. There are mixer taps with a 35mm cartridge and a 90º turning range of the handle. And others with 40mm cartridges and a grip rotation range of 100°.

The mixer has an extendable variable, it has the same characteristics as the traditional mixer. But it involves a practical and flexible movement.

You can control the flow of water and save time when you need to wash large quantities of dishes.

Combination fittings:

There are two different types of faucets that allow you to regulate hot and cold water independently. Their advantage is that the working mechanisms are more resistant to hot water.

In addition, since they have independent handles, the consumption of the heater is not activated. So you have to press the hot water button.

Individual key:

These are faucets from which hot and cold water flow separately and not together. Installation can be surface mounted, requiring a device with one or two perforations; it can also be installed directly on the wall by adapting it to the pipe in the wall.

Which type of faucet is used where?

Bathroom sink:

For the washbasin faucet, you can use a combination, monoblock or single-lever mixer. The sink must have only one hole for installing the faucet. There must be two holes for the combination fitting. These devices may include faucets with a timer to help control and conserve water. They close automatically when the sensor detects no movement.


In the dishwasher, you can use a combination faucet or mixer. In this case, it must have a hole for the key, and in the case of the combination tap, two each. In dishwashers, it is very useful to use pull-out single-lever faucets. Thanks to their flexible handling, the water flow can be controlled much better.


Showers or tubs can use a combination of mixer taps. The water outlets are located directly on the wall, the fitting only needs a single hole. And with the combination outlets, on the other hand, they absolutely have to have two. The shower system must be completed with the shower hoses, chosen according to their length: 150, 175 or 200 cm.


It is best to use your own cold water faucet. And another for hot water, so the heating is not activated unnecessarily. These are also intended for connection to the washing machine.

Ausziehbarer Küchenwasserhahn

Water saving accessories:

There are different types of water saving accessories that you can choose from when purchasing a home faucet.

With aerator: The aerator mixes water with air. This allows to regulate the intensity of the water flow and the waterfall, with a silent and comfortable operation. Save up to 40% by maintaining an abundant flow of water.

Flow regulator: It is a device that allows to limit the maximum water flow, thus obtaining savings of up to 50%. They are recommended for public places. 

With timer: the flow is activated with a button and closes automatically after the set time. It is used in crowded places to avoid wasting water. This is what happens when you forget to turn off the faucet.

With infrared sensor: The system works with infrared sensors that are activated by approach. That is, the water runs when you put your hands under the faucet and stops when you take them away. Ideal for public spaces, saves up to 80% water.

What tips are there for using and caring for a faucet at home?

Notes on use:

When the faucet is new, the water could come out with particles from the installation residue. This can damage or clog the faucet. To avoid detaching the aerator, let the water run for a few minutes.

Do not overtighten the key when locking as the adjustment rubbers could damage the locking mechanism. It is recommended not to force the fitting into place to avoid the expected wear of the fasteners.

Maintenance Tips:

Do not use abrasive cleaners or items that can scratch the faucet. In fact, they can attack the transparent varnish layer that protects the surface of the pieces. Use a damp cloth or, in more complicated cases, a soft sponge and mild soap.

To prevent limescale build-up, you should install a water softener between the water meter and the plumbing that supplies your home. This way you ensure that pipes, faucets and appliances are working properly.

Limescale deposits can impair the function of the aerators. To avoid this, you should remove and clean the aerators regularly. We recommend using metal aerators as they are more durable than plastic.

How to choose the faucet for your kitchen?

The faucet is undoubtedly one of the most used elements in the kitchen. In addition to the sink, a faucet in the kitchen plays an essential role in the water sector. Choosing a comfortable faucet makes tasks like washing dishes, washing vegetables, or filling a pot much easier.

However, not everything is a pragmatic question. Design is another criterion that can (and should) also be considered. This should match the style of the rest of the room. There is currently a wide variety of faucets, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. How can you decide which is the best solution for your kitchen? Let's find out below.

Kitchen mixer tap:

Today, almost all faucets are single-lever faucets, meaning they have a single handle used to regulate flow and temperature. They are easy to use and very comfortable. The two-handle faucets not only allow greater water and energy savings, but are also a remnant of the past.

Fixed kitchen faucet at home with rigid spout:

These are the traditional faucets. These have a fixed spout that can be rotated up to 360 degrees with the Hansgrohe Raindance select e 360 shower system. But, it cannot be removed. If you have a large sink, you can opt for a fixed faucet with a high spout. This makes it easier to fill large containers. Conversely, for small sinks, it is better to choose a shorter spout to avoid splashing on the countertop.

Pull-out kitchen faucets:

The spout is fitted with a hose that allows the faucet to be extended and removed from its place to reach any part of the sink. It is the most convenient solution for washing dishes. Especially large trays that don't fit well in the bucket and sink itself. They can also be equipped with a single jet or switch to shower or rain effect with a button. This is very good for washing vegetables, for example.

Flexible kitchen faucet:

In addition, between the fixed and the removable ones, there are also those with a flexible spout. This is not pulled out but can be moved in any direction, which is also very functional.

Folding kitchen faucets:

This is a much less common solution. However, it may be necessary if the water tap is located under an inward-opening window (in single-family homes). For example, it is common to install the sink facing the garden).

In this situation, a conventional faucet would prevent the window from opening. Therefore foldable tubes are used, which can be folded to one of the sides, i.e. retractable. They are those that are hidden inside the countertop or removable so that they can be placed and removed.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets:

Depending on the installation, a distinction can be made between fittings on a shelf or a countertop. And those that are embedded directly into the wall, although this is something unusual and only happens in old installations.

Different styles:

As already mentioned, the aesthetics are also decisive for the choice of one or the other fitting. This piece must adapt to the general atmosphere of the kitchen and emphasize its style. So it would make little sense to opt for a classic two-handle faucet in a minimalist environment. And it wouldn't make much sense to go for a full color faucet in a rustic house either.

Minimalist Kitchen Faucets:

Nowadays the trend is towards very refined lines, with angles that are as straight as possible and a high flare in an arc. This is the case with modern kitchens. In many cases, but also in more classic ones, because the simplicity of these taps makes them compatible with any style.

Industrial fittings:

In industrial settings, fishmonger type fittings are very suitable. They are equipped with a very high spout and spring, especially for islands and tall furniture. In addition, they are very convenient - it is not for nothing that they are most often used in professional environments.

Vintage faucets:

In rustic country houses and classic kitchens, you can also opt for faucets with more sinuous lines and colors. Colors like copper add personality to this element. There are even those who are looking for two-handle wall-mounted faucets. It's important to remember that if it's a sink that's going to be used with a certain frequency, ideally design should be subordinate to functionality.

EMKE Waschtischarmatur

Choose the right color for your kitchen faucet:

Until recently, all kitchen fixtures were chrome and stainless steel. At best, the old models were copper or bronze in color. But a very fashionable option now is to choose the faucet of the same color as the sink. This applies in particular to the washbasins integrated into the worktop.

So if the countertop and sink are white, a white kitchen faucet is chosen, if they are black, one black one. It is possible to find faucets of virtually any color. The most popular shades (after chrome, of course) are black and white.

New at fittings:

Recently, one also hears about faucets that are thermostatically controlled or equipped with electronic devices such as a presence detector. Or LED lights or osmosis filters. These are advances being introduced in high quality fittings. However, they represent a significant price premium that is only compensated in very specific cases.

We at EMKE know that there are many different types of taps. Therefore, it is not always easy to decide on a variant. For this reason we work with the best brands. We provide personal advice on our projects. We adapt every component of the kitchen to the needs, tastes and lifestyle of those who will use it every day. We encourage you to make an appointment now to start designing your dream home or kitchen!!

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