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How to choose an LED mirror?

by Josie Zhou

Bathroom mirrors LED are increasingly used in private and commercial spaces, they are excellent to make the environment even more charming. It is often used in bathrooms, but is also interesting in living rooms and closets.

We know that the bathroom mirror is primarily used to look at one's own appearance or personal care details. But for a long time now, the design of these products has rapidly evolved to offer you numerous features that make your life easier. And that without sacrificing that decorative touch in the bathroom that we sometimes look for.

EMKE LED Spiegel für kleine Badezimmer

This type of lighting ranges from compact mirrors to large mirrors and can adapt to any environment. So there are no more excuses to make your mirror even more modern!

Let's find out some advantages of bathroom mirrors with LED lighting.

Advantages of a bathroom mirror with lighting:

Size and style: Mirrors are decorative accessories and are also suitable for those who want to make the room look bigger than it actually is. And if you think about it, there are different sizes and styles with dynamic colors depending on your tastes and needs.
Long service life and low heat emission: One of the great advantages of bathroom mirror lighting is that, unlike ordinary lamps, it can be switched on and off several times without changing its lifespan. And since it has low heat emission, it is hard to burn out and also reduces the consumption of air conditioners.
Electricity Savings: LED light is much more efficient than other types of light. 300% more than fluorescent lamps and 1000% more than incandescent lamps. This type of light uses much less energy, thus saving you more energy.
Green product: LED light is a green product, which means it is an environmentally friendly type of light as it does not contain toxins and mercury found in other types of light.
Does not attract large insects: One of the most annoying things about light is its attraction to insects, especially in the summer. But we have good news for you: LED light does not attract large insects.

That's because the LED light doesn't emit UV (ultraviolet) light, which is good because it means you don't have to spend time removing insects that are stuck in the light.

The best choice for makeup: As a bathroom mirror lighting, it offers high quality, bright and white. It is the best choice for makeup, as many professional makeup artists say. The brightness of the LED light can also be adjusted at the push of a button.
Bright light is ideal: It really shows you who you are and helps you make a more accurate decision about the cosmetics to use that will eventually make you even more beautiful.
Does not fade clothing and artwork: The LED light does not emit infrared and ultraviolet light and does not fade clothing and artwork.

EMKE LED Badspiegle

How to choose the best bathroom mirrors?

The trick is to choose the LED bathroom mirror that can offer you not just one but several useful features apart from the one you are already looking for. That is why we mention some characteristics of the bathroom mirror design that you can choose in the list of the best.

They are the most recommended decorative mirrors on this list. A mirror with light is able to pleasantly illuminate the bathroom both day and night. The bathroom mirror with light helps you see in detail the part of your face or body that you need to keep in order.

Generally, these types of bathroom mirrors are equipped with LED lights. In this way, not only the surroundings, but also your own figure is adequately illuminated. You are strong enough. They don't use as much electricity and distribute the light evenly.

Make a list of your preferences:

Did you know that the LED mirror comes in three different versions? LED bathroom light, LED makeup light and LED cabinet. So first make sure what kind of LED mirror you want to install.

It's a good idea to make a list of your general LED lighting bathroom mirror preferences before purchasing any products on the market. This not only helps you find the best product for you, but also saves you a lot of time. Take the best four or five LED bathroom mirrors on the market and then decide which is the best option for you. The additional services at the same price are an advantage for you.

Check out the budget:

The first thing most of us are happy about and need to be is our budget. If the budget is tight at any point, it can ruin the user experience. Therefore, it is very important for a person to know their limitations and then think about buying that particular product.

As the competition in the market has increased, different brands offer a wide range of options. Finding a price that fits your budget isn't all that difficult. In short, it is now up to you whether you are willing to spend less or more for your desired object.

All you have to do is conduct a thorough market research and then make the final purchase accordingly. If budget is not the issue, we always prefer that you choose bathroom mirror led lighting from only the newest and most updated products on the market.

The size and shape of the mirror:

The size of the mirror is crucial for comfort and aesthetics. If the mirror is too small, the comfort will be less. If the mirror is too big, it will be out of proportion. To find the right size, you should be guided by the size of the bathroom, taking into account the harmony with the furniture.

Different countries around the world have different popular sizes. America, for example, prefers large sizes because they have a large bathroom. Europeans prefer medium and small sizes, since the size of the bathroom is limited. The main sizes in Germany are 500*700mm and 600*800mm.

In terms of shape, rectangular, square and round mirrors are the most common in the market. Even if this criterion is primarily aesthetic, care must be taken to ensure that utility takes precedence over decoration. In particular, consider easy access for children.

emke led bad spiegel

The mirror style:

The mirror is a decorative element of excellence to create an original and personal style in your bathroom. Everyone has their own preferences, so it's up to you to decide which style is right for you.

In our catalog you will find mirrors of different styles such as classic, modern, vintage, etc. The style of a mirror takes into account all these characteristics such as size, shape, materials and functions. So do not hesitate to create your own style by choosing a unique model of shower mirror.

The function of the LED mirror:

Some LED mirrors support multiple functions, such as touch screen or Bluetooth for music, timer, anti-fog, etc. These functions are more convenient to use and let you enjoy your bathroom. Therefore, it is also important to consider this point when choosing the best LED mirror for your bathroom.

Prefer the trusted brand guarantee:

The brand name often stands for high-quality services at the lowest possible prices. The market is full of a wide variety of brands. However, if you're ready to get a feel for what you're doing, it's a good idea to go with the most trusted brand option. Reputable brands tend to offer their consumers better quality products and better 24-hour customer service. Choosing a well-known brand will continue to provide excellent customer service in the future.

Check the warranty options:

All products on the market today have a warranty option. But do all brands meet this level of security for customers?

Choosing a well-known brand gives you a lot of confidence. The best thing about well-known brands is that they are usually not easily damaged. However, if you do, this brand often offers an active warranty option. In short, this option saves you the expense of many of the repairs and maintenance you spend your hard-earned cash on.

Don't miss the reviews:

Reviews are the real experiences of most customers worldwide. By sticking to it, potential customers can better understand exactly how these products work, and their quality, durability, and pros and cons. As the ecommerce store market has been growing rapidly these days, it has become easier for people to read reviews online from people from all over the world.

Is the seller trustworthy?

Well, this factor doesn't always work of course, but we have seen many incidents in the market where people have been scammed or deceived. The difference between the original Led bathroom mirror It is quite difficult to find the first copies and that is what most scammers do.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself from such incidents in the future, we just want to connect you with one reliable seller in the market.

Buy in the seasonal sale:

The best thing about the holiday season is that they can be had at minimal prices. Most online and offline sellers align themselves with the peak season when deals are extreme and prices are at their lowest. If you choose to shop online, stay tuned to brands like EMKE, the online LED mirror brand in Germany, to enjoy the freedom of shopping during the sale season.

So, to find the perfect bathroom mirror lighting of your dreams, you need to consider several criteria when making your selection. From the type of mirror to its price, including its size, shape, function and style, the selection criteria are many and require a long period of reflection.

Installation of LED mirrors - recommendations and care:

  • First of all, it is recommended that the LED bathroom mirror be installed by an electrician for your safety, since an environment like the bathroom is a wet area, so no wires should be out of place.
  • It is important that there is a socket or MDF board near the mirror to which the LED light can be connected.
  • The distance to the socket or MDF board must be at least 3 cm.
  • The LED strip wires will likely stick out, and you need a place to hide them.

As a rule, the wires are hidden on the back of the mirror or in a cabinet with an opening through which they pass.

A tip: Keep the LED light's circuit isolated from other sources in the area so it can only be turned on as a decorative light.

So you can turn it on only when you want it, and it also helps save energy.

How are mirror lights used?

To achieve this sophisticated effect, LED strips around the mirror are most commonly used, as they are easier to find and the cost to the consumer is low.

These bands come in a variety of colors, sizes, and intensities, typically using more neutral colors like amber.

In addition, it is important that the colors harmonize with the other lights in the room. If the bathroom is already heavily lit, choose dim lighting.

Inserting the LED light:

  • First, remove the mirror from the frame - if the frame is glass, remove the base and glass.
  • Then clean it with alcohol or a special glass product.
  • Hold the glass in hand and stick the mirror paper very carefully with transparent glass glue
  • After this operation, put the front glass back into the frame and stick the LED strips on all sides of the frame. Using a saw, cut out a small piece of the frame, preferably a part that isn't as exposed.
  • This cut is for passing the cord to be plugged into the outlet.
  • Put the mirror back in the frame and hide the remains of the LED strip on the back.
  • Then fix with nails to stabilize the base and avoid possible accidents.
  • Final clean to remove any dust or stains that may have formed...

Ready! The LED mirror makes the environment even more elegant!

Conclusion: You need to be very careful when choosing the lighting for your bathroom as there are strict regulations on the type of lighting you are allowed to use.
It is also very important to choose bathroom lighting that gives you good visibility and brightens your bathroom. Using lit and unlit bathroom mirrors is a great way to create the illusion of space and light in a small space.

Here in the official EMKE shop you will find one of the most extensive ranges of bathroom lights available, at low prices and with fast delivery. The following guide will help you choose the right lighting for your bathroom.




How the lighting zones are divided in the bathroom

When thinking about lighting your bathroom, it's important to consider the bathroom zones listed below to ensure the lighting you want can be installed where you want it.

Zone 0 is in the bath or shower itself. Any fixture used in this area must be low voltage (max 12V) and rated at least IP67, meaning it is totally watertight.

Zone 1 is the area above the bath or shower up to a height of 2.25 m from the floor. A minimum of IP45 protection is required in this area, but it is generally accepted that IP65 should be used. It's also worth noting that most shower lights are definitely IP65 rated.

Zone 2 is an area that extends 0.6m beyond the perimeter of the bathtub and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. A degree of protection of at least IP44 is required in this zone. In addition, it is good practice to consider the area around a sink and within a 60cm radius of a faucet as Zone 2.

Outer Zones are any area outside of Zones 0, 1 and 2 (subject to certain limits) where water jetting is not likely to be used. There are no specific IP requirements in this area, but we recommend choosing a luminaire with an IP rating of at least IP20+.

If water jets are likely to be used for cleaning purposes, an additional fitting of at least IP65 must be used. See the latest edition of the IEE Wiring Rules for full details.

IP ratings and what the numbers mean exactly

IP rating (also known as Ingress Protection and International Protection) is used to define the level of protection against intrusion into electrical enclosures.

The first digit indicates the degree of protection against access to dangerous parts and against the ingress of foreign bodies, e.g. e.g. dust. The second digit indicates protection against moisture, that is, water.

First digit (penetration of solid objects)

  • 0 - No protection
  • 1 - Protected against intrusion of solid objects 50mm+
  • 2 - Protected against penetration of solid objects 12mm+
  • 3 - Protected against penetration of solid objects 2.5mm+
  • 4 - Protected against the penetration of solid objects from 1 mm
  • 5 - Protected against dust
  • 6 - Dustproof

Second Digit (Water Ingress)

  • 0 - No protection
  • 1 - Protected against vertically falling drops
  • 2 - Protected from water drops falling at a maximum angle of 15°
  • 3- Protected from water like in the rain with a maximum angle of 60°
  • 4 - Protected from splashes or projection
  • 5 - Protected from low-pressure jets
  • 6 - Protected from high pressure jets
  • 7 - Protected from temporary submersion
  • 8 - Protected against long immersion

(Please note that this information is not an installation guide. You should always seek advice from a qualified electrician before installing any lighting in your bathroom).


We hope this guide will help you choose the product that meets your expectations. Suggestions and comments are welcome here. If you have any questions, you can ask them to us at any time. We want all your questions to be answered as quickly as possible.

If you have big trouble finding the best bathroom mirror with LED lighting, visit our website and discover a wide range of bathroom mirror LED products.

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