Terms & Conditions

1. Validity of the conditions

1.1 The remote contract with EMKE (UK) LIMITED via the online shop www.emke.co.uk is based on the General Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of placing the order. Unless we agree otherwise with you, the terms and conditions of purchase used by you when placing your order will be to the contrary.

1.2 Our offers are aimed at adults, meaning consumers and entrepreneurs over the age of 18.

1.3 Consumer means any natural person who conducts a lawful transaction primarily for non-commercial or self-employment purposes. Entrepreneurs referred to in these Terms and Conditions are natural persons, legal persons, or partnerships with legal capacity who establish business relations with us and engage in commercial or self-employed professional activities.

2. Signing of the contract

2.1 Our offer for distance selling does not constitute a binding offer but a non-binding invitation for you to order goods from us via the online procedure. When ordering online through the virtual shopping cart, you may submit a binding contractual offer for items previously placed in your shopping cart during the electronic ordering process by clicking the order button on the final order page to complete your order. Immediately after receipt of your order, we will confirm it by email or fax setting out the order details and including contractual information/terms and conditions (order confirmation). The order confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your online offer.

2.2 The purchase contract, i.e. the binding acceptance of your order, is only effective when we have received your order acceptance in text form (order confirmation by letter, fax, or e-mail), we have requested payment after your order has been placed or the goods have been delivered to and available to you. The variant that appears first above is decisive. In this regard, we are entitled to accept your contractual offer within 3 working days of receipt of your order. If we do not accept your offer to contract, you are no longer bound by the statement of intent. If you have already paid in the latter case, we will of course refund it to you.

2.3 If we offer "PayPal Express" as a payment method as part of the ordering process and if you select this, by clicking on the order button you also issue a payment order to the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à rl & Cie, SCA, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. In this case, in deviation from Section 2.2, we already declare acceptance of your offer when you click the order button. To use PayPal Express you need a PayPal account for which PayPal's terms and conditions apply. 

3. Contract information

3.1 We generally do not store contract texts and we do not otherwise make them available to you after the contract has been concluded. After ordering, we will also send you an order confirmation together with these general terms and conditions and consumer information by email, fax, or letter. The browser's print function also allows you to print the order data and contract text when placing an order.

3.2 Before the final submission of the order in summary form, you have the option to correct any typing errors made while filling the order by using the appropriate command on the keyboard or with a click of the mouse. It is also possible to correct all entries using the back button in your browser before placing an order.

3.3 The contract was concluded in English with the following company: EMKE (UK) LIMITED
Ciba Building
C/O Bath & Homes Limited
146 Hagley Road,
B16 9NX

3.4 We are not bound by any particular code of conduct (set of rules).

3.5 Since the conclusion of the contract and the further processing of the order take place with you by e-mail (e.g. order confirmation), you are obliged to ensure that the e-mail address you provide for order processing is activated in order for e-mails to be sent to you for order processing Processed e-mails are also sent to you. In particular, when using spam filters, you must ensure that order confirmation e-mails and all other e-mails sent to you in connection with the processing of your order can be sent to you. During order processing, we may pass your email address to the shipping company for delivery notifications.

4. Right of withdrawal

Consumers generally have a right to withdraw. A description of our consumer's right to cancel can be found on the returns policy.

5. Price, shipping, default acceptance

5.1 We reserve the right to make adjustments to the price of goods stated on the website from time to time to take account of any increase in our suppliers' prices or an increase in any taxes or duties.

5.2 Our prices are in GBP and include the statutory value-added tax applicable in the UK. No discount. Packaging and shipping costs can be found on the Delivery, Returns, and Payments or on the corresponding information pages.

5.3 If delivery to the address you provide is not possible, for example, due to incorrect address information, we may charge you for an unsuccessful delivery. This does not apply where you are not responsible for the failure to deliver or are only temporarily unable to receive.

5.4 For cross-border deliveries outside the UK mainland (e.g. Switzerland), additional costs may arise in accordance with applicable legal provisions, such as additional taxes and/or duties, for example in the form of customs duties. These charges are not additional shipping costs and are therefore your responsibility. If necessary, please obtain information from the relevant customs authorities in your country before placing an order abroad.

6. Payment terms

6.1 Payment Methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Mastro, American Express, UnionPay, PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

6.2 Credit Card

When placing an order, please enter your credit card details. We will charge your card immediately after placing your order.

6.3 PayPal

If you choose a payment method from PayPal or (if offered) PayPal Express, the payment will be processed via the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, SCA, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg under the terms of the respective PayPal terms of use. If you do not have a PayPal account and decide to use a PayPal payment method, the payment will be processed according to the PayPal terms and conditions for payments without a PayPal account.

If you decide to use the “PayPal Credit” payment method (payment by installments via PayPal), we assign our payment claim to PayPal. Before accepting our declaration of assignment, PayPal carries out a credit check using the transmitted customer data. We reserve the right to refuse you payment in installments via PayPal in the event of a negative test result. If, on the other hand, PayPal allows the payment method, you must pay the invoice amount to PayPal under the conditions specified by us, which we will inform you of during the ordering process. In this case, you can only pay PayPal with a debt-discharging effect. For your further questions e.g. B. regarding delivery times, shipment, goods, returns, complaints, cancellation declarations, and shipments or credits, we remain responsible.

6.4 Shopify Payments

If you choose the payment methods offered by the "Shopify Payments" payment service, the payment will be processed by the payment service provider Shopify International Limited, Victoria Buildings, 2nd floor, 1-2 Haddington Road, Dublin 4, D04 XN32, Ireland (hereinafter: " Shopify"). The individual payment methods offered via Shopify are communicated to the customer in the seller's online shop. To process payments, Shopify can use other payment services for which special payment conditions may apply, to which the customer may be informed separately. 

7. Delivery, delivery restrictions, delivery times, transfer of risk​​​​​​

7.1 We ship the goods to our designated country of delivery via the carrier of our choice. We use the shipping address you provided when you placed your order. We recommend that you refer to the delivery conditions, delivery times, and delivery restrictions on the quotation website. We only ship transshipment shipments free of charge curbside.