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Bathroom lighting and fittings that enhance the aura of your personal shower

by Josie Zhou

When it comes to improving the look of a bathroom, there are a few factors to consider. Bathroom lighting and fixtures are some of those elements that contribute and help improve the overall look. Lighting is an important component that can make your bathroom shine. Bathroom lighting, whether artificial or natural, needs careful planning. In order to achieve a better look and lighting, you need to choose and place the lighting at different angles and heights. Aside from the lighting, however, there are a few other aspects that you should consider to improve the look of your shower.

Why is bathroom lighting important to improve the look of the bathroom?

Every morning, the first thing you do when you wake up is go to the bathroom. For most women and men, it is also the first place they need to get ready for the evening. Surprisingly, when choosing the types of lighting and lights for the bathroom, this is usually neglected. Compared to other rooms in the house, they are relatively low on the list of priorities.

Most people are unaware that bathrooms are truly elegant sanctuaries that need to be well constructed and decorated, with well regulated lighting. Adequate lighting is vital in these sheltered areas, especially as modern bathrooms transform into large, luxurious retreats in which to rest and relax.

Elderly people and people with poor eyesight might even find it difficult to find things in a less bright bathroom; hence it is important to put some nice lighting fixtures in the bathroom to improve the view. However, this is not the only reason why you should equip your bathroom with different types of lighting. Adding or improving the existing lighting could help improve the overall look and create a nice atmosphere in addition to making the bathroom feel spacious.

How to choose bathroom lighting that can improve the overall look of the bathroom? Below are some points to consider when choosing bathroom lighting for a well-lit bathroom.

  • Good quality ceiling lights are a must

As previously mentioned, bathrooms need good lighting; therefore, you should primarily opt for well-lit ceiling lights for your bathroom. These not only brighten up the shower, but also help enhance the decor and look of your bathroom. Most people prefer recessed or ceiling mounted lights for their ceiling, such as B. pendant lights.

  • Keeping balance is a must

Choosing a combination of light sources in the bathroom means finding the right balance. You don't want the light from your pendant light and sconce to collide with each other and create excessive brightness or glare.

  • The need for moderation

In the search for optimal lighting, many people overdo it with the lighting in their bathroom. They bring in a plethora of different lights that can make your bathroom look both garish and unattractive. Try to moderate what only balanced lighting can achieve.

Types of bathroom lights to choose from

There are so many different types of bathroom lighting that you can choose from. It is entirely up to you whether you want to use just one type of lighting fixture or choose a varied combination. To do this, you must first find out about the different types of lighting in order to make an informed choice for your luxurious shower experience.

  • ceiling lights

Commonly referred to as recessed lighting, they can be found in virtually all modern bathrooms. Ceiling lights are also known as can lights, pot lights and downlights. These are bathroom lights that are installed in a cavity in the ceiling. Once in place, it appears as if light or sparkles stream down from holes in the ceiling.

Recessed ceiling lights are one of the most adaptable types of lighting for your entire home. They provide excellent ambient light wherever they are placed, while also emphasizing furniture, artwork and the wall itself.

Recessed lights are often used in shower stalls in bathrooms because they have waterproof lenses. This ensures that they will continue to function even if they are splashed with water. Most people also attach these lights to the edge of the bathroom ceiling to thoroughly illuminate the area.

The nicest thing about recessed lights is that they can contract or disappear into hollow wall holes. This way the lights are not visible and they look wonderful on the ceiling as they fill the whole bathroom with blinding light. Another advantage of these bathroom lights is that they cover the entire room. If you arrange them properly and spread them out, they will work their magic.

  • washbasin lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the vanity is often overlooked. It is a unique element of space and for some it is the most important place for self-care and personal hygiene. Both activities require adequate lighting. This is one of the main reasons why you should choose the type of vanity lighting for your bathroom wisely.

Vanity lighting requires useful and practical light sources. There are several alternatives including bathroom ledges and vanity lights. Most people prefer a sconce, chandelier or pendant light for their vanities, which are great for beautifying the bathroom. Bathroom lights are often placed in pairs, one on each side of the mirror. A pair of wall lights eliminates harsh shadows and spreads the light evenly. They are a viable option for lighting and the best idea for bathroom decor.

Two-bulb lights are another common type of vanity lighting that emits a lot of light and is often mounted above the mirror. This helps direct the light downward for better balance and spread. Not only are these viable lighting options, but they also blend well with the ambiance and enhance the overall look of the bathroom. It would not be wrong to say that these are some of the best bathroom decor ideas.

At EMKE, we offer you mirrors with an integrated vanity area that can meet your vanity light needs by giving you a two-in-one option.

Mirrors are a very important part of the bathroom and simply belong in every bathroom. Mirrors and bathroom lighting go hand in hand because they complement each other very well and enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Mirror lights are elegant and unique lighting fixtures specially designed for mirrors in bedrooms or bathrooms. You have the option of installing lights around your mirror or buying a bathroom mirror with built-in lights.

Mirror lights are an excellent way to completely transform the look of a bathroom, giving it an instant makeover wherever they are placed. They can also make the room appear larger, brighter, and more appealing. Mirrors in bathrooms are used for personal hygiene, shaving, facial cleaning, applying cosmetics, hairdressing, etc. LED mirrors can come in handy as they work well for both bathroom lighting and mirrors. LED bathroom mirrors not only give you a place to put personal care items, but also enhance the look of your bathroom and make you feel like you have extra space. LED bathroom mirror cabinets give you an extra hidden storage space to keep your stuff neatly to keep the bathroom clean.

At EMKE we have a wide range of the best LED mirrors for the bathroom. Here we offer you not only LED bathroom mirrors for storing your belongings and toiletries, but also mirrors with LED lights, special cosmetic departments, Bluetooth speakers, a digital clock and touch sensors. In addition, we also have lights of different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and will brighten the ambience of your bathroom.

  • Pendant lights are ideal for bathroom furnishings

These bathroom lights are one of the most popular bathroom decor ideas that brighten up the space while looking elegant. Pendant lights, often referred to as "drops" or "hangers," are lighting fixtures attached to the ceiling. They are usually hung using a metal rod, string or chain and are so named because they dangle from the ceiling like a pendant on a girl's necklace. The most powerful and well-known form of this lighting, found in most homes, consists of a single bulb surrounded by a spherical cover or often an open reflector.

Because of their simplicity and beauty, pendant lights are ideal for use in the bathroom. They are easily attached to the bathroom ceiling, either in the middle of the room or above the bathtub. You can put them anywhere because they come in different sizes. The most beautiful thing about pendant lights is their ability to create general lighting. They shine part of the light onto the ceiling, which is then reflected downwards. The result is a warm light that illuminates the entire bathroom.

So if you are thinking about renovating your bathroom or having a new one made. Now that we've had this lengthy discussion about bathroom lighting, we know how it can help enhance your showering experience and enhance the ambiance of your bathroom. We believe you will be able to choose the type of lighting you want in your bathroom. If you are looking for the best LED mirrors for your bathroom, you can always browse our LED mirrors section and choose the mirror that best suits your needs.

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