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The ultimate guide to bathroom products

by Josie Zhou

Bathroom accessories are not a luxury, but a must. In our guide to bathroom products and accessories, we've rounded up some amazing bathroom products and accessories for you to get inspired. You can express your style by coordinating lighting, accessories and finishes. Beautify your bathroom by buying the right items to help you keep clutter at bay. Most bathroom accessories can be installed in minutes and come in a variety of beautiful designs and textures.

Our bathrooms can now be as individual as we are, thanks to the many bathroom essentials to choose from. In this blog post, we go over all the practical things you need to consider when choosing these bathroom accessories.

You need the following products for the bathroom

  • shower cubicles

bathroom shower stall or shower enclosure is essentially a glass enclosure that you step into to keep the rest of the bathroom dry. They are always erected in the corner of the bathroom and are usually rectangular. The main benefit of having a shower stall in the bathroom is that it keeps the rest of the floor area dry. In addition, the mirror above the sink does not fog up when bathing in hot water in winter. EMKE offers you a variety of options for shower cubicles in the bathroom. We offer you different door systems and other types of glass for your cabins, which give you a personal touch.

  • Bathroom products to keep the bathroom clean

Bathroom must always be kept sparkling clean, which usually requires various tools and bathroom accessories. Stain removers, multi-surface cleaners, toilet cleaners and a microfiber mop are essential bathroom cleaning products that every bathroom owner needs to maintain their hygiene.

  • ventilation fans

Bathroom fan is a must in every bathroom, especially if you don't have a window in your bathroom. As a result, moisture can quickly build up, which causes many problems. With a fume hood you can solve these problems. Suitable for use on windows, walls and ceilings, these fans will help you avoid various problems, including the formation of mold, by preventing the accumulation of moisture. There are now extractor hoods on the market with humidity detection, which switch on automatically when the humidity in your bathroom exceeds a certain value.

  • bathroom mirror

Mirrors are one of the most important bathroom products that no bathroom should be without. They are needed for body care, shaving, facial cleansing, applying cosmetics and hair styling, among other things. You can also use them to improve the look of your bathroom. For example, they can give the feeling of more space, reflect light and hide storage space. So, mirrors are much more than just a practical item. At EMKE you will find a wide range of LED mirrors for the bathroom to choose from. We have not only LED lights, but also mirrors with an integrated cosmetic element, Bluetooth speakers, a digital clock and a touch sensor. With our mirrors you have the choice between different lighting colours. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


People with small bathrooms can take a look at our LED mirrors with cabinets as they provide them with a mirror and meet their bathroom shelving needs.

  • soap dispenser

There's no point in washing your hands if you don't have soap. However, using soap that many people use in your home spoils the purpose of washing hands. A soap dispenser allows you to wash your hands without worrying about germs or soap spills because it's a must-have on any bathroom product checklist.

There are even automatic soap dispensers in the market that can make your hand washing more convenient. Make sure your soap dispenser is big enough to store enough soap for at least a few days.

  • Heated towel rail in the bathroom

Heated towel rails are used in the winter season and produce radiant heat that warms the atmosphere while drying numerous bundles of towels. The main advantages of heated towel rails are that they enhance the appearance of the bathroom while providing comfort, warmth and luxury. Although slightly more expensive, these bathroom products come in a variety of color finishes and complement the existing decor of the room or bathroom in which they are placed. They are available in different shapes and designs and can emphasize the overall look of your bathroom.

Nowadays, towel rails and radiators are made from different materials like stainless steel, which makes them much sturdier than the old ones. EMKE offers a large selection of single and double-layer radiators that will beautify your bathroom.

  • bath mats

Bathroom floors get wet - there's no avoiding it. According to the CDC, approximately 235,000 people visit an emergency department for bathroom injuries each year. An absorbent bath mat on the floor in front of the shower will prevent you from slipping when getting out of the tub, as getting out of the tub with wet feet can be dangerous. Therefore, they are an essential part of the bathroom product checklist.

  • toilet paper holder

Fastening toilet paper rolls securely to the wall is much more hygienic and convenient as it protects the roll from getting wet. In addition, toilet paper is one of the products that are used regularly in the bathroom and therefore often run out. Therefore, keep some spare rolls near the paper holder.

  • Hand towel

No bathroom product checklist is complete without including towels. Towels are an indispensable part of the bathroom accessory and are regularly used to dry the user after the bath. Invest in a set of good, durable bath towels or bath sheets to use after you shower. The more good quality towels you have, the less you will have to spend on laundry.

  • towel rail

In any bathroom with a shower or bath, towels usually need to be hung in a nearby place. Hooks, rods and towel rails are the most popular towel rails and they have their stylish advantages. These bathroom products are available in different styles in the market, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best suits the look of your bathroom. Comfort, convenience and attractiveness are the three advantages of a decent towel rail. When choosing these accessories, you should focus on factors such as personal choice, quality, and visual appeal.

  • Garbage can

A trash can near the toilet or sink is essential, even if it is small. Your bathroom may not generate a lot of waste, but if you have guests over, make sure they have a place to dispose of tissues and feminine hygiene products.

Do yourself a favor and use a bin liner to keep the inside clean!

  • disinfectant wipes

The faucets are used after using the toilet making them dirty and full of germs. Therefore, having sanitizing wipes in the bathroom product checklist and purchasing them is necessary to keep those faucets clean and germ-free.

  • storage basket

These baskets are great for storing extra clean towels, toilet paper rolls, other bathroom accessories and clean bathroom products. With multiple smaller baskets or a single large basket, you can store and hide all clean bathroom essentials in a single place.

  • shower caddy

These are containers specially designed for storing various toiletries that you might need during a bath or shower. These shower trays usually have special bracket segments for scrubbers, soaps, shampoos, etc. They prevent the bathroom floor from becoming cluttered with body wash and shampoo bottles. They are very practical as they usually have one or two compartments for storing bathroom products and accessories and can be placed in an easily accessible place in the shower.

  • toilet brush

How can we forget this? Toilets are used regularly and need constant scrubbing to keep them clean and hygienic. This makes them an essential product for your bathroom. Therefore, you should opt for a toilet brush with its own stand and keep the brush next to the toilet.

  • glass cleaner

Glass cleaner should be on every bathroom product checklist as it is essential to keep mirrors and windows spot free. Keep a glass cleaner bottle under your sink and some paper towels in the closet for use when needed.

  • towels

A few towels on the bathroom shelf or on a towel hook by the sink is a great way to remind guests that they are welcome. Some people prefer to have one set for everyday use and a separate set for guests.

  • bathroom furniture

Bathroom shelves, vanity cabinets and storage cabinets help to expand the storage space and hide the bathroom accessories and other bathroom products. They create a more comfortable and tidy appearance by providing a convenient place to store oral hygiene items, hair care items, shaving items, cosmetics, etc. Although these are just storage units for clean bathroom products, they don't just serve that purpose. They also help to give your bathroom the desired atmosphere and look.

At EMKE we offer a variety of high and high gloss cabinets and storage units with or without a washbasin. You can choose the cabinet that best suits your needs and looks the best in your bathroom.

So if you are planning to renovate your bathroom or have a new bathroom installed in your home, here is a checklist of all the bathroom products you will need. Stick to the list and you'll have all the bathroom accessories you need for your sparkling bathroom.

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