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Deciphering various aspects of shower trays that offer splash-free and directed water flow

by Josie Zhou

What is more deterrent when entering a bathroom than water seepage and the accumulation of dirt around the various drains in your bathroom? An elegant and modern shower cubicle, which is equipped with a matching shower tray, is a kind of mood lift and ensures a relaxed bathing experience. These bathroom accessories are an important part of a modern and well-run shower room and must be chosen after thorough research and knowledge.

At EMKE, we offer you shower trays that are of high quality and have a stable construction. Besides, the smooth surface of these polished tubs is resistant to the alternating high and low temperatures in your bathroom and you will never see any color change or cracking or chipping of the surface due to these reasons.

Shower trays are essential for a bathroom

sophisticated shower system with a suitable shower tray is the best investment one can make for a safe and sophisticated cleaning area. Shower trays or shower platforms or shower surfaces, whatever you call them, play a very important role in your imperial bathroom. Although the benefits they offer are obvious, I still want to highlight a few of them to convince you.

  • natural feeling

A perfectly fitted, vibrant and well-designed shower tray that complements the surrounding cabin can give the feeling of showering in a natural environment entirely dedicated to your relaxation.

  • Hygienic

shower stall with a well-placed shower tray will help maintain cleanliness in your bathroom. The tub helps drain the shower water unidirectionally and prevents the water from spilling on the floor of your bathroom. This eliminates dirt and microbial growth that can be harmful to health. A defined shower system also helps to avoid accidents that can result from slipping on wet floors.

  • Easy to clean

At EMKE, we offer shower trays that have a very simple design and can be cleaned in no time at all. Thanks to the large drain hole, the entire cleaning process is easy and time-saving.

  • No water spills

perfectly fitted shower tray with shower enclosure ensures that no water runs out in your bathroom. However, if you are still noticing leaks, it is high time to invest in a tray that perfectly matches the shower stall.

  • Special room for the shower

Separating your bathroom for different activities can help you maintain hygiene and ambiance in that corner. You can also accentuate each section with different aesthetics. A private shower area with a shower tray will also help you fulfill your desire for luxury.

Choose a shower tray with your reason RIGHT

When it comes to choosing the perfect shower tray, there are many factors that need to be well thought out before investing in this long-term project. You need to know what your interests are when designing your bathroom, where you want to put the shower tray, what feel you want, how big your bathroom is, what the drainage options are, etc. You also need to be clear about whether you need the tub for a wet room or a shower stall, as the latter comes with elevation and is not preferred by everyone. It is extremely important to understand the following factors before deciding on your preferred shower tray,

1.Size of the shower tray

The size of a shower tray is paramount before other factors are considered. If the tub size is not a good fit, it will spill a lot of water and will not be able to hold the water. This would eventually lead to excessive water leakage and microbial growth - a common form of water damage. This leads to expensive repairs and serious health problems. Therefore, choosing the right size of shower tray is very important.

2.Shape of the shower tray

The shape of the shower tray must match the shower enclosure you choose so that all the water stays inside. This is only possible if the shower tray is installed in the right shape. Depending on the size of the bathroom, different shapes of the shower tray are preferred, of which there are some,

Square tubsfit best with many different door shapes. The tub has the same edges and can be placed in both a small and a large bathroom.

Rectangular tubs tend to be larger and more spacious compared to square shower trays. These tubs are best paired with sliding doors to avoid an open space. This tub offers plenty of space to move around while showering.

Quadrant tubs work best in corners and open with a curved front. This unique bath shape creates a luxurious shower space for you and can be fitted with both sliding and hinged doors. The design looks very stylish and enhances the whole ambience.

3. Material of the shower tray

The colors and material of a shower tray play an important role in creating the overall look and feel of your bathroom. There are many materials on the market that will meet your expectations, some of them are listed below,

Stone resin shower tray: These shower trays look sturdy and stylish. They are made from a mixture of crushed stone and resin. The mixture is then poured into a mold to set. After curing, the tub is sprayed with a protective layer of gel. These shower trays are designed to prevent slipping of any kind. The downside of these shower trays is that they are heavy, but they also offer durability, which is a contributing factor to their high demand.

Ceramic shower tray: These shower platforms tend to be inexpensive and durable in nature. In addition, these tubs are dirt-repellent, just like our bathroom sinks. The disadvantage is that these tubs are cold and heavy due to their composition.

Acrylic shower tray: Also known as ABS shower trays, these trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are easy to install and available at affordable prices. These shower trays tend to chip very easily over time and with regular use, which is a turn off for many people.

Let's explore the variety with its application

Shower trays are the magic element of your bathroom, offering you a clean floor with a feel of nature. They come in a huge range and variety with unique colors, sizes, textures, finishes and installation options or mechanisms. We at EMKE are constantly developing these bathroom accessories to better understand your needs and the changing social dynamics. Let's explore what we have in store.


TYPE 1: Rectangular shower tray

Rectangular shower trays are the modern types where one edge is longer than the other. These tubs can also sometimes be trimmed to achieve the exact dimensions. But all in all, a long rectangular shower tray offers enough space for a shower and a walk-in space that offers a luxurious and hassle-free experience. You don't feel constrained by the confines of these partitions.

TYPE 2: Square shower tray

These tubs are typically the traditional shower tray types and have smooth edges. They come in a milky white color palette and are perfect for a small or compact bathroom. They can also be installed in a shower area enclosed in a wall alcove and of a fixed size, or perhaps in the corner of a small bathroom.

TYPE 3: quadrant shower tray

The quadrant shower tray is one of the most popular types of trays, as it features a gentle curve in the shape of a quadrant. The tub features 90-degree angled edges that are equal in length and width and perfectly complements any wall with a curved front entrance. These tubs are typically configured with a quarter-circle enclosure and feature a sliding door entrance. This quadrant tub provides ample space for a soothing shower experience without worrying about the limited space. You can easily stretch out your arms and shower in the luxury of these cabins and tubs.

At EMKE, we manufacture shower trays from bright white, high-gloss artificial stone with an acrylic coating. The acrylic coating is a preferred material for cold winters due to its warm feel. Drainage, which is an integral part of the tub, must also be treated with equal importance. That's why we've fitted these bowls with a well-sized 90mm diameter circular drain to reduce the hassle of water removal.

Enjoy your natural sanctuary!

We ensure our shower trays provide a refreshing experience, with easy drainage and unclogged drain holes. These shower trays are made with a deeper understanding of your needs and desires and are designed to offer you a comfortable and luxurious experience. Enjoy the comfort and aesthetics of these bathroom accessories, available in a wide range, and bring a refreshing bathing experience to your doorstep. For more information, you can visit our EMKE shop online.



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